Love Thy Self Workbook And Journal
Love Thy Self Workbook And Journal
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Love Thy Self Workbook And Journal

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Master your self love, self compassion and self-confidence with our beautiful 150 page hard cover Love Thy Self A5 workbook and journal.

First it's about you, fall in love with yourself first. Give yourself the love that you so easily give away.

This workbook is all about building your self love! Throughout this workbook we explore our self worth, our confidence, our self esteem, our self compassion and self love techniques.

Learn how to:

  • How to create a positive future
  • Learn positive self-love strategies
  • Overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs
  • How to break out of your comfort zones + make friends with fear
  • Build authentic power + find your voice
  • Get to know the successful you
  • Partake in the 5-day confidence challenge
  • And so much MORE!


This workbook and journal provides practical exercises helping you to implement the strategies as you go and create lasting change.  Each section of this workbook has many different exercises and reflections for you to put into practice your learnings. Here are the sections below.

Rebuilding Self Worth

First it's about you, learn the importance of putting your needs first, releasing the guilt, building self worth and increasing our ability to receive by asking for help.

Building Confidence

Learn about your Authentic Power- knowing who you really are without all the material items and labels. Compete the exercises to learn how to drop the attachments and start a new story of confidence. Discover your authentic power by getting clear on the AMAZING things about who you already are.

Curing Comparisonitis

Learn how to run your own race and stop the number one roadblock to your confident self- comparisonitis!

Comfort Zones

Pinpoint your comfort zones and learn how to reach outside of them by reframing the way we deal with the discomfort of reaching out of yours.

The Successful You

Discover the journey to self acceptance by identifying successful moments in your past and then using this to focus on a future Best Possible Self.

Self Love

Learn how to foster self love by discovering your two primary self love languages, and then practice the techniques and exercises outlined for each of them. 

Self Compassion

Kindfulness is the new Mindfulness! Learn how to show yourself compassion through kindness, treating yourself how you would treat a friend, letting go of the inner critic, forgiving yourself and positive self talk.

Bonus Self Love Challenge

Create a self love habit by completing the bonus 5 day self love challenge!

Start working on yourself today!