The Self Soothe Box 'On The Go Kit'.  Likened to a mental health first aid kit or crisis box,  containing items designed to distract the mind and soothe the senses - whilst out and about.  Includes: Neurogum energy and focus gum, stress less essential oil roller, balance maze, cog fidget, re-useable ear plugs, acupressure bracelet, no touch keyring tool, one minute timer, fabric fidget, kleenex tissues, dettol hand sanitizer and mesh carry case.

The Self Soothe Box 'On The Go Kit'

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Your mental health doesn't care if you have things to do or places to be.  That's why we created the On The Go Kit!

Perfect for popping in your handbag, backpack, work locker, for travelling, or even for the glovebox of your car, the On The Go Kit is a great companion for when you're out at about.

This kit has been specifically designed for use in public spaces, with a focus on portability and discretion, to ensure that you can find calm and clarity wherever you are.

The On The Go Kit Includes:

  • Black mesh carry case
  • Gumleaf 'Stress Less' essential oil roller
  • Neurogum 'Energy & Focus' gum
  • One minute hour glass timer (assorted colours)
  • Reuseable ear plugs
  • Acupressure bracelet
  • Red Blanket Co fabric fidget with marble maze
  • Balance maze (assorted)
  • Fidget cog
  • Multi-function keyring tool
  • Dettol 50ml hand sanitiser
  • Kleenex pocket pack of tissues

This kit also comes with a brochure that provides suggested uses for how to get the most out of each item, and a magnet that displays telephone numbers for an array of mental health support services.

Send this kit to a loved one, or buy one just for you!